Easy way to Decrease Alexa Traffic Rank Very Fast

 Easy way to Decrease Alexa Traffic Rank Very Fast

Alexa traffic rank reflects the quality of a website or blog. Therefore it matters much to the site owners. Alexa is a site ranking company which is a part of Amazon.com. It gives a rank to a particular site which is globally recognized. Moreover, alexa rank is very important to attract the advertiser’s to show adds on a particular website or blog. The lower alexa traffic rank comes, the higher site’s quality rises. That’s why getting a decreased alexa rank is a headache for the site owners as well as for the bloggers. My this article will teach you how you can decrease alexa traffic rank fast and easily by using some strategy.
1. Claim your site:
Claiming you site in Alexa tool is an effective approach to decrease alexa traffic rank fast. Previously claiming was totally free but now you need to spent money for claiming. Don’t worry,still you have a chance to claim you site in alexa for free via 10 days trail. You can get your first alexa rank within 3-5 days of claiming/submitting your site in alexa.
2. Use Alexa toolbar:
In my opinion using alexa toolbar is much more than claiming your site in alexa. You can decrease alexa rank of your site rapidly by using alexa toolbar. Basically alexa counts only the visits that is made by alexa toolbar installed browser. These type of visits are known as valid hits/visits to alexa. Therefore, if you haven’t installed it till now, go and own the tool right now.
3. Use Alexa widgets:
This is also an important part of alexa which will help you to reach your desired goal. Alexa gives priority to the sites that has alexa widgets installed. Besides you can show your site’s alexa rank and backlinks to your all visitors even if they don’t have alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Copy the alexa widget code in your site replacing “http://techmasi.com/” with your site’s name.
<a href=”http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/http://techmasi.com/”><script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://xslt.alexa.com/site_stats/js/s/a?url=http://techmasi.com/”></script></a>
4. Get more alexa backlinks:
You need to build more alexa backlinks to rank higher (means to decrease rank) in the eye of alexa. You may think, what is alexa backlinks? How to get them? Solution is, Backlinks that can be crawled by alexa bot (also known as crawler or spider) are known as alexa backlinks. Easiest way to find out alexa backlinks is to see alexa statistics of other sites. There you can find the number of backlinks and five backlinks address. Simply follow the links and try to get your alexa backlink juice. I found this technique very effective to me.

5. Get alexa toolbar traffic:
This is a little bit difficult but very effective ethical way to decrease alexa traffic rank rapidly. In this technique your need to target bloggers and webmasters as your visitor. As almost all blogger and webmaster use alexa toolbar, this strategy will definitely help you a lot. For this purpose you need to be active in blogging communities and webmaster forums.
6. Get unlimited auto visitors: (Recommended only for the newbies)
The above techniques may seem hard to the newbies. Therefore I am giving an easy way for them. Go to HitLeap and sign up. This is an auto traffic exchange site. After signing up, log in to your account and add your site’s link in “My Websites” tab. Then go to “Traffic Exchange” and download HitLeap Viewer. Finally open the viewer and click “Start” button to get credits. These credits will help your site to get free auto visitors. This process is fully automated and effective as the viewer has an integrated alexa toolbar. I personally recommend this technique only for the newbies. Pros should go for higher techniques.
7. Get free alexa toolbar visitors: (Recommended mostly for the newbies)

Now let’s start the 7th and the last strategy. This process is also for the newbies but the pros can also use this process in various ways. For this go to LikesPlanet and LikesASAP and sign up/register in these sites. These are mainly social media exchange sites which are generally used for increasing facebook likes and shares, twitter tweets and followers etc. But we will use it for alexa rank boosting. You will find an option named alexa/alexa boostup where you need to add your site. Here also you need to collect credits/mana which can be gained both automatic and manually. Both are good site but recently I have noticed that LikesPlanet is running daily credit contest along with daily bonus system. Moreover, it got a new improved look which is very nice.
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How to create a marketing campaign step by step online

How to create a marketing campaign step by step online

How can we create an online marketing campaign? What elements or tools are needed? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves when we have to start a marketing project. Before you start is important that we have enough information of the company as; its objectives, services and products, the target to which it is oriented, etc.
I’ll start making an outline of the elements or actions needed in online marketing campaign.
1. Analysis phase. We analyze the company, past, present and future, we also analyzed the competition. We will look at the 5 most important companies with which we compete in the SERP.
2. Choice of tools and applications used. We choose the tools that allow us to give visibility to the company and offer their services.
Basic Tools:
A. Web
B. Blog
C. Social Networks
That our best tools are those that allow us to generate content, an attractive, appealing and creative content.
Optional Tools:
A) .- Online Shop
B) .- Virtual Campus
C) .- Communities
3. Design of the project plan. It is define each of the actions of our online marketing campaign consists. Everything will be subject to a calendar or intervals, and is a very important aspect of organizational and functional level.
1. Analysis Phase
To create a marketing campaign must first be familiar with the products and services of a company, the target for which they are intended and actual demand for such services at national and international levels. When we have these aspects very clear what we give is do is think about that aspect differentiate our company from the competition. We will also analyze the competition of our company and ask how they communicate their products, because the important thing is not only to inform the design of our marketing campaign but also how useless to have a good product if we do not communicate well.
When we have defined what and how, the next step is to find the niche and the market demand for business, it will begin to define the list of keyword or keywords of our online marketing campaign.
For this first list of keyword use a completely free tool Google’s Keyword Tool, and the operation is very simple, write 10 or 15 keywords they consider most important, one keyword per line and conduct an extended search, so that the search engine We suggest related keywords most important.
Once this is done we should have a list of 40-50 keywords or terms. The next step will be to analyze competition SEMRush and see the most important keyword that use and we add to the list. Finally we would have a list of 80 to 100 keywords.
To optimize our keyword list establish 4 levels of importance and will include 10 keyword in each. Now if we have our first list of 40 key words for work positioning. We work this first list the first 6 months of the project.
You see, create an online marketing campaign is a very vast subject, so I decided to divide it into several parts that invite more reading and make it more enjoyable.
I hope you serve as a guide or at least guidance for those who are beginning the wonderful world of online marketing.
Create a marketing campaign
Follow us on social networks and Web Marketing
Facebook – Online Marketing Campaign
Twitter – Online Marketing Campaign
Google Plus – Online Marketing Campaign
I hope your comments about the article and I encourage you to commence your first marketing campaign.
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9 Steps to Link Building to improve the positioning of Website

9 Steps to Link Building to improve the positioning of Website
We start from the premise that if we get external links to other websites (back-links), This Process will help us better Rank our website because they functions as if it were a voting system online. In this strategy we call ” link building ” ( building inbound links) .
What these links being transmitted to Google is that the Very Content Oriented Search Engine, so that our site content is relevant to Google Search Terms Thus the more External links to Our Website or Blog and Well Ranking we can see in All major Search Engines Such as like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc…
Why do I say that Link Building is a “delicate ” strategy?

Google has been making changes to algorithms (Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird Paloma) to position these experts fail to reach sites containing “small relevance” ahead of others really that have relevant content for searches users make.
The evolution of that has followed Google in recent years has relied heavily on rewarding the valuable content and although much still values ​​back-links that you get each web page is much pondering the behavior that the user on the website and what on the links you receive, highly values ​​quality if they are or not (even criminalizing certain types of links).
Responding to why it is delicate is simply because Google is penalizing websites that he believes they are getting artificially links (or unnatural).
Recently Google has said that we should avoid Link Building. Although we know that strategies of creating external links pointing to our website is risky for anyone who wants to use it, we will see a number of ways to get back-links.

See 9 things you can do for Link Building

1. Contents of value.
According to Google ‘s own guidelines , the best way to position your website and other websites that link us , is publishing valuable content . If other users consider important such content, many of them, naturally they will share and link our pages or entries.
2. High Directories
I recommend only quality directories like Yelp , of course DMOZ , or Hotfrog . Moreover also in the directories sector and theme of the page we want to position .
I do not recommend automation in directories as they did a few years ago . There is a high probability of falling into penalties.
3. Comment on Blogs Thematic web to position
This is a highly recommended practice:
On the one hand, we get qualified traffic to our website. Qualified say that if the blog link from speaking out on the same subject that our website visitors this will most likely find our content as “relevant content” and therefore their behavior on the web will be very positive (residence time , bounce rate, number of page views per visit, …) and this will make us positively valued Google improve our ranking.
Moreover, although these links are “nofollow” in the eyes of Google can be positive, especially if they come from websites where you talk about the same issues that we have on our website. They will help to make a pattern more natural links.

Comments should be consistent. Adds value, ask about something related to what is being treated or request to extend any explanation.
If you can choose the anchor text of your link, beware !!! I do not recommend you to be cheeky to put the exact keyword position too many times, as fast Google will detect that are unnatural links. More natural are those containing the anchor text in the comment author’s name or the name of the web.
4. Websites of questions – answers
Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia. These 2 are examples of sites where you can place links to our website. Although not do follow, we will bring qualified traffic, as we have explained before, we benefit in positioning.
5. Forums
The links from forums usually have a lot of authority and therefore strongly in positioning strategy .
Some others will be dofollow and nofollow , but both can be interesting in our strategy of creating inbound links .
6. Press Release
If you have any news to give about your company , in your industry (or if you find an excuse as an anniversary , a study you did …) you can prepare a press release to distribute to companies that are dedicated to publishing.
The strategy takes effect when in these publications a link to our website is included . If you can control aspects as to where to direct the link ( which URL ) , if the link is dofollow or what the anchor text of the link, the effectiveness of the action will be higher.
7. Social Bookmarks
Social bookmarks are web sites (many of them were also well considered social networks) where we can store, classify and share links.
My recommendation is to use Delicious, Digg, Technorati and Digg. Etc.. Many of Links Click here to find
8. Trackbacks
There are some blogs that have trackbacks enabled. If we put a link on our web site to this blog (one pingback) blog to which we link, in paragraph trackbacks our link will appear. This is usually put right at the end of the post.
To find out which blogs are enabled trackbacks, as always, it is best to ask Google. You can use the commands “insite” “inurl:” and put in “search tools” language in section put “English” if you want to be in Castilian. In my opinion, it has the disadvantage that it is still a reciprocal link.
9. Articles on other websites
This is one of the best systems in linkbuiling strategies to get links to our website. A few years ago put any link of any kind, on any website was beneficial. Now we have to be very careful with it.
It is recommended that the link is a common part of the blog template where we place the link. I refer specifically to the sidebar or footer. Google construed that we are getting out of context. Considers that if it were a “natural” link, an explanation would be within a text.
Besides the above, and returning to the strategy articles, monitor the following:
The website where we will write, it is advisable to be on the same theme that our web site.
If possible, the IP should be different from our site. Specifically, we refer to the digits that identify the class C.
In this case, if the link is dofollow much better. Here I make another observation, which is that Google will not understand as naturally we receive a specific landing page for most of links with anchor text casually determined. Typically, we receive many with the name of the website or just with the URL as anchor text (no other can “sneak” with that anchor text, but in small proportion).
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Top Ranking Document Sharing Sites List

 Top Ranking Document Sharing Sites List
Document Sharing Site is one of the important source to get high traffic on your website. After register any document sharing site, you have to submit only basic information about your webpage, You must have include your website Link, so that audience can reach your site easily. You can submit a file type like- .ppt, .pdf, .txt, .doc  els.
After submitting your document, it will be go Live in a few minute. There are some high Page Rank sites like- Scribd, Issuu, Slide-share etc. Millions of people use these site, after submitting your site to these sites, you can get long traffic from many countries. Below are the Top Ranking Document Sharing Sites List. Use them and easily promote your website in the world.
Serial No. Website List Page Rank
1 http://issuu.com 9
2 https://www.dropbox.com 8
3 http://www.slideshare.net  8
4 http://www.scribd.com  8
5 http://docs.zoho.com 7
6 http://www.docstoc.com  7
7 http://www.calameo.com 7
8 http://www.keepandshare.com 7
9 http://www.box.net 7
10 http://en.calameo.com 7
11 https://www.app.box.com 7
12 http://www.4shared.com 6
13 www.authorstream.com 6
14 http://www.wuala.com 6
15 http://www.mediafire.com 6
16 http://www.authorstream.com  6
17 http://www.yudu.com 6
18 http://www.smashwords.com 6
19 http://www.smashingapps.com 5
20 http://www.slideboom.com 5
21 http://www.divshare.com 5
22 http://www.adrive.com 5
23 http://www.e-library.net 5
24 http://www.empressr.com 5
25 http://www.zippyshare.com   5
26 http://www.adrive.com  5
27 http://www.slideserve.com 5
28 http://www.wikiupload.com   4
29 http://www.slidelive.com 4
30 http://www.doxtop.com 4
31 http://fileai.com   3
32 http://www.gazhoo.com 3
33 http://smartlifeblog.com 3
34 http://filesave.me 3
35 http://www.badongo.com 3
36 http://sharesend.com 3
37 http://www.re-pdf.com 3
38 http://www.filesend.ca 2
39 http://www.docshare.com 0
40 http://www.slideburner.com 0
41 http://www.youpublish.com 0
42 http://www.twidox.com 0
43 http://www.gigasize.com 0
44 https://www.gotomyfiles.com 0
45 http://my.huddle.net 0
46 http://www.docuter.com 0
47 http://pex.webexone.com 0
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Tips to Generate Organic Traffic From Pinterest

Tips to Generate Organic Traffic From Pinterest
Tips to get traffic from Pinterest:
It defines as online pin board where you pin mostly images and other stuff you find interesting and share with the world.
Same as other social network, where you follow people and have followers. Other users can repin your pins, spreading the world.
Should be Active on Pinterest:
As like social network, Pinterest is a huge thief of time. You need to spend some time on it regularly in order to follow what others are pinning,
to comment on it, you can’t expect benefits from it until and unless you are active on daily basis.
Quality Images:
It is about visual appeal. This is why you can’t go with simple images took from your old mobile. You need quality images because otherwise you will
Be doing harm than good.
Post Regularly:
When you keep your fellow followers interested, they develop the habit of visiting your board now and then. To keep your users interested is to post
on regular basis. If you have 10-15 Images you want to post don’t post them at once, Just post one a day in course of 10-15 days.
Add Pin-it to your site:
You need to make easier for users to do it. if you want to get repines, simply add pin-it button to your website. Check the list of pin-it button
Available for your platform (i.e word press, joomla, etc.), Put it on a visible place on your site and begin counting your pins.
Posting Interested Stuff not in limits of your product/ Services only:
users are hardly coming to your board to see your product, So better post other interesting images that will attract user. This attracts new user
to your account because they will see some cool pic somewhere on pinterest. Don’t post only images of your product it will harm random visitors.
Meaningful Descriptions:
Sometimes even the most unambiguous photo will benefit from a good description. Good Image + Good Description = Better Ranking.
Follow large Groups:
When you choose whom to follow, consider not only their pins are interesting but also if they have a large group followers. When you follow such
Group of users and if they decide to follow you back, there huge follower base is an undisputed advantage for US.
Post all kind of Stuff:
It is not only for static stuff, there is video section as well. This is not daily motion or YouTube but if you create cool video about your business
or product don’t be shy to post it, And in addition to images you can use charts and info graphics.
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Basic of WordPress SEO must read Freshers

Basic of WordPress SEO must read Freshers

WordPress SEO:
We all love word press. we use it on most of our affiliate sites which make us earn thousands of dollars per month and also we use on our blogs, such as this one. I’m certainly not alone when it comes to utilizing this CMS though – tens of millions of sites online are powered by the software.
Basic WP SEO:
I thought it would be a good idea to split the “obvious” suggestions from the not so obvious and slightly more advanced tactics that I will share it later in the post.
Title Tags:
As you homepage is probably already ranking for your website name, you’re not helping yourself by putting your site name at the start of your title. The title tag has long been thought of as the most important on-site factor is telling search engine what your site (or page) is about. By default on older version of WP, post titles would display as “Blog Name”.
Instead of leaving things the same way, I personally like to remove blog name. This isn’t because I think it looks better, but because it works. I worked for few clients last year they received a massive boost in search traffic when we removed their brand name from title tags on their blog posts.
To change your title tags, I personally recommend you to install SEO Plug-in. Once installed, log into your word press admin and go to
Setting>> All in One SEO Pack. From there, I have entered the following:
1) Home Title: SEO2l: (This is the phrase I’m trying to get my site to rank for and a brand name)
2) Post Title: %Post_title%
3) Page Title: %page_title% | %blog_title%
When you search for a website in Google, You can see a snippet of content under the page link. To control that you can customize your meta description tag for the page. You can also add some keywords to your tag to tell search engine that your site is about. I must mention that Google announced a few months back that they do not crawl the keyword tag anymore.
Few years ago keywords used to be important as search engine has less way to determine what a site is about. Now the time has changed search engine have better way of determining rankings.
It is simply the URL’s for your posts. Not only does new format tell someone what your page is about before clicking on it. the words in URL will be highlighted in search engine if you post is relevant to the search query.
To change your permalinks, simply go to Settings >> Permalinks. I currently use the following format: /%postname%/

For a fresh blog it is the best way to grow, but make sure you install redirection plug-in. It will remove your old URL’s property and in a search engine friendly manner.
It is simply means that you are linking your blog post to other blog posts. I sometimes recommend guest blogging as a best way to build your authority in your niche and will then link to my guide.

Not only is this useful in terms of SEO, but it also gives your readers more posts to read and thus increases your page views.
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Top Free Canad Classifieds sites list

Top Free Canad Classifieds sites list
S No. Canadian Classified Sites List Page Rank
1 http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca 7
2 http://www.kijiji.ca  7
3 http://yourclassifieds.ca 6
4 http://toronto.craigslist.ca 6
5 http://classifieds.canoe.ca 6
6 http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/ca 6
7 http://www.classifiedextra.ca  6
8 http://allstarjobs.ca 5
9 http://classifieds.webindia123.com 5
10 http://www.canadiancyclist.com/classifieds.php 5
11 http://www.olx.ca 4
12 http://www.canadianplanet.net 4
13 http://www.dnc.ca  4
14 http://www.locanto.ca  4
15 http://www.adoos.ca 3
16 http://jobpostcanada.com 3
17 http://www.adpost.com/ca 3
18 http://www.forsalebyowner.ca 3
19 http://www.adoos.ca  3
20 http://wwwb.autotrader.ca/HowTos/SellingACar.aspx 3
21 http://www.postad.ca  2
22 http://www.aderk.ca  2
23 http://www.canetads.com  2
24 https://www.redleafads.com 2
25 http://www.monsterauto.ca/place-an-ad-free.php 2
26 http://www.mrrental.com 2
27 http://www.postad.ca 2
28 http://www.classifiedscalgary.ca 2
29 http://miniads.ca 1
30 http://sellyourstuff.ca  1
31 http://www.freeji.ca 1
32 http://www.classifiedsottawa.ca  1
33 http://www.classifieds.ca 1
34 http://keetro.ca 1
35 http://www.showyourads.ca 1
36 http://education-training-lessons.freeadsincanada.com 1
37 http://www.fmclassifieds.com/canadahome.php 1
38 http://www.postad.co.za 1
39 http://miniads.ca 1
40 http://www.listall.ca 1
41 http://adsnity.com 1
42 http://alldayads.com 0
43 http://post.adeex.ca/ads/add 0
44 http://www.bunchbay.ca 0
45 http://www.nowclassifieds.ca 0
46 http://adsglobe.com/canada 0
47 http://canada.gumpul.com 0
48 http://www.universelisting.com 0
49 http://website.informer.com/canada.clicads.com 0
50 http://avcanada.ca/forums2/viewforum.php?f=7 0
51 https://postfreeclassifiedadsincanadaqpnt.wordpress.com 0
52 http://www.universelisting.com 0
53 https://www.expatads.com/18-Canada 0
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CSS Submission Sites List With High Page Rank

CSS Submission Sites List With High Page Rank
The Ultimate CSS Submission gallery list for increasing traffic and make backlinks. Its easy to customize the structure of website without changing main website overhaul. The method of submitting coding to CSS Submission Sites is very simple.You have submit your site Address, Title and thumbnail to these high page rank sites. After submitting, your work to CSS gallery coding should be very clear. No one desires to work with poor code. Below are the list of Top CSS Submission Sites with high Page Rank.
Serial No.Website ListPage Rank
1http://www.cssmayo.com 7
2http://www.cssdrive.com 7
3http://mobileawesomeness.com 6
5http://coolhomepages.com 6
6http://designshack.net 6
7http://bestwebgallery.com 6
8http://www.free-css.com 6
9http://cssbeauty.com 6
11http://www.designfridge.co.uk 5
12http://www.minimalsites.com 5
13http://muse.drewwilson.com 5
14http://cssbased.com 5
15http://www.colorgorize.com 5
16http://www.cssheaven.com 5
17http://cssremix.com 5
18http://cssleak.com 4
19http://www.cssenvy.com 4
20http://cartfrenzy.com 4
21http://blogdesignheroes.com 4
22http://beautifully-webdesign.net 4
23http://designsnack.com 4
24http://submitcss.com 4
25http://www.divinecss.com 4
26http://www.designbombs.com 4
27http://cssnature.org 4
28http://www.cssdsgn.com 4
29http://welovewp.com 4
30http://www.my3w.org 3
31http://favedesign.com 3
32http://gallerific.com 3
33http://www.cssbreeze.com 3
34http://www.cssdance.com 3
35http://www.cssgallerypro.com 3
36http://www.cssbreeze.com 3
37http://www.css20.com 3
38http://www.creativeandlink.com 3
39http://cmsdesigns.org 3
40http://cartcraze.com 3
41http://www.boxedcss.com 3
42http://www.cssgalaxy.com 3
43http://css-design-yorkshire.com 2
44http://csselite.com 2
45http://epreo.com 2
46http://www.csshook.com  2
47http://www.cssarts.com 2
48http://www.swellcss.com 2
49http://www.uxzeal.com 2
50http://cssalign.com/en 1
52http://welovetxp.com  0
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